Unique Design

The beauty of buying bespoke, or even made-to-measure, is that you will be able to completely customise every aspect of your suit. However, do not panic – we are not asking you to be the expert – that is where we come in. You may well have an idea in your mind or have seen something online that you like. Let’s say you have seen a picture of David Beckham looking superb in a suit and you want to recreate the look. The only problem is, you, in all likelihood, do not look like David Beckham. But having that idea is a good start. His tailor will have picked a particular fabric, pattern, lapel style, number of buttons and style of waistcoat to suit his particular shape and size. We will take that idea and adapt it to your shape. Our job is to make you look the best you possibly can. With that in mind we will not recommend a wide lapel if you have narrow shoulders as this will make you look taller and thinner. We will not suggest a three-button jacket if you are short as this will make you look shorter. We know what looks best for you and what would not suit you. This is of course in our own interest – we want people to see you and ask “Wow, where did you get your suit?”, not “Oh, my God, where did you get that suit”.

Not only does following our advice and avoiding the pitfalls of the latest fashion make sense from a sartorial point of view, it also means that your suit will be timeless and you will get far longer out of it than you would if it was cut to the very latest style.

The process is, of course, a conversation and we can make to whatever your preferred style may be. We will simply point out the pros and cons of any design and style choices.

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