Natural Materials

Every part of your suit will be made with finest natural materials – from the pure wool of the suit to the silk linking even down to the pure cotton thread used to hand-stitch your garments. The advantages of using natural materials are:

  1. Long life: Your suit will be made to last and by only using the best materials we ensure that your suit will last for years, if not decades.
  2. Breathability: Just as your skin needs to breathe to keep you cool and comfortable, so too does your suit. Man-made fibres tend to retain moisture and block the air whereas natural fibres allow the garment to breathe and also wick moisture away from your body making you feel comfortable and fresh all day long.
  3. Style: A hand-made suit with a floating canvas, again made from natural materials, will sit better as the inner and outer layers of the coat are allowed to move independently. This allows them to hang better and presents a better overall shape when worn. A fused interlining by contrast will give a stiffer appearance and will usually be the first tell-tale sign of a mass-produced or cheaply made suit.
  4. Tailoring: The longer you wear a tailor-made suit, the better it gets. The heat from your body and the moisture, allow the suit to take on your shape. Just like a quality pair of shoes, the comfort grows with every wear, which is why it is often preferable to have an existing suit altered than a new one made because the existing one will have been properly worn-in.

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