Bespoke Suits

When you see somebody in a bespoke suit, you know it is a bit special, but you may not immediately know why.

Quite simply, the first thing that makes a bespoke suit special is the fit. Because it is made specifically for the wearer and his or her idiosyncrasies it literally looks a cut above the rest. Since we do not all look like models, the suit we see in a magazine or in a catalogue can often disappoint when we mere mortals try it on. The job of the bespoke tailor is to accommodate your body shape and make garments that are as flattering as possible – smoothing out lumps and bumps, using specific fabrics and cuts to give the illusion of a more flattering shape. Where a completely uniform jacket may accentuate asymmetry in the body, a bespoke jacket will incorporate it into the design.

You will find that bespoke suits tend not to follow fashions as such but stick to more traditional styles. This is so that you get as long wear as possible out of it and don’t find you have to replace it because the lapels are no longer in fashion or the current number of buttons on the cuff is different. Your suit will have alteration room built into every seam, so in the likely event that your shape changes over time, you can simply have your suit let out or taken in as appropriate, and because it is made from the very finest materials that are designed to be hard-wearing, breathable and comfortable, your bespoke suit will clean beautifully, giving you years of wear from it.

Taking all of these factors into account, the relatively high cost of a bespoke suit is actually better value than many cheaper suits as you will still be wearing it years after cheaper ones would have been handed into the charity shop.