How to Choose the Right Suit Fabric and Colour

Choosing Suit Colours

If you are venturing out to buy your first suit, it is usually best to start with a classic. Solid-colour suits in navy or dark grey tones are a lot more versatile than all-black, after that, you can start building your wardrobe with textures and patterns.

Choosing A Suit Fabric

Classic Twill

The classic twill is a durable yet timeless fabric that is often used for classic suits. It is a high-quality woollen fabric, normally very rich in colour, and finished off so that the fibres are prominent giving it a clear and polished finish. By starting your collection off with a classic twill fabric in a navy or dark grey you will have a classic yet versatile base to build your wardrobe on.

Herringbone and Birdseye

Both textures are conservative but add sophistication to your look. Birdseye is famous for its tiny dot pattern whereas herringbone is distinguished by a chevron pattern woven into the fabric using two colours. Both options give an eye-catching contrast to a solid-coloured suit.

Choosing Suit Patterns


Pinstripe, cable stripe or chalk stripe? All of these have subtle differences and will change the overall look of your suit. Pinstripes refer to very thin single stripes woven into the fabric of a suit. They are generally used on worsted wool. Chalk and cable stripes are a series of threads, wider than a pinstripe, often resembling a rope. Stripes can be an imposing look. Lighter hues of grey and blue with a stripe are a good option as they give a modern twist on this classic style.


Check suits should be the last item to add to your wardrobe. They can add flair to your look, however, they are less versatile and formal than the options above. Subtle glen checks are the traditional checks you will find on most suits. They work well with lighter greys and blues, often with a complementing colour used for the pattern. Like stripes, checked suits can sometimes be overwhelming. Pair your suit with a solid shirt and tie combination.

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