Stop buying mass-produced suits...

Inferior quality materials

Mass-produced, machine made suits are designed to maximise profit for the producer, so they use materials that just about do the job. Man-made fabric for the main body with synthetic linings and padding. Nothing about them suggests quality.

Not made to last

Makers of cheap suits want you to come back year after year to buy new ones. They achieve this by giving their suits a limited life. They crinkle when you dry-clean them, they go shiny at the shoulder from where you carry a laptop bag and they just don’t look their best – so you buy a new one.

Poor fit

Mass-produced suits are made to fit the ‘average’ man. So they take a chest measurement and work out what the average shoulder, waist, sleeve length, jacket length and leg length are for that chest size. Unfortunately, very few people are these exact sizes so the suit does not fit properly and you end up with a compromise.

Lacking in character

Not only do we have to put up with a ‘one size fits all’ approach with mass-produced suits, we also suffer from a ‘one style suits all’ attitude. As a result, they are bland and totally devoid of character.This is so that they appeal to the broadest possible market.

Made for lowest cost

When your selling point is cheapness, it also follows that your product must be as cheap as possible if you are to make a profit. So, mass-produced suits will be made from the lowest cost and also lowest quality materials available. These do not clean well, the don’t breathe or allow moisture to evaporate and they have a synthetic look and feel.

Make you feel second-best

If you wear a cheap suit, what is it saying to the world? It says that you have an ‘it’ll do’ atitude. It says if you put so little effort into your appearance, what is your attention to detail like when it comes to your work? You may think that because you wear a suit, you look professional. But if that suit does not fit properly it is possibly saying less flattering things about you.

Buy tailor-made instead...

Highest quality natural fabrics

With suit cloth made from the finest Italian wool, natural padding and linings made from pure Chinese silk, you know as soon as you see and feel our suits that they are a thing of beauty, where the highest quality takes priority.

Quality that will last for years

A hand-made suit will be designed to last many years, and even get better with age. Each seam will have extra cloth to allow for future alterations, should your shape change. The natural materials used in its construction allow the garment to breathe but also, the heat and moisture from your body actually helps the suit to mold itself to your shape which provides a better appearance and more comfort.

Made to fit you perfectly

Until you have had a made to measure suit, you will not realise how good it feels to wear clothes that were made specifically for you: from the shoulders of the jacket to the sleeve length, around the chest and stomach to the length and style of trousers – all fit perfectly and accentuate your best features.

Designed to reflect your personality

Your tailor-made suit not only fits your shape and exact measurements, it also acts as an extension of your personality. Even a normally plain work suit can have little extra flourishes such as a bright lining or contrasting colours on the buttonholes that make the suit unique to you.

Hand-made with with passion

Your tailor-made suit will take 55-60 hours to cut, stitch and hand finish by skilled tailors who have devoted a lifetime to their craft. These are not quickly rushed pieces that are churned out in volume, they are hand-made with love, in a studio where only the very highest standards are good enough.

Be the best version of you

When you look at yourself in the mirror in a tailored suit, you look the very best version of yourself. The cut is flattering – accentuating your best features while playing down the parts that you are less pleased about. And when you look a million dollars, you feel a million dollars too. When you walk into a room feeling great, the room notices you and your energy and people are drawn to you.

Why Buy Tailor-Made?

Natural Materials

From the highest quality Italian wool to pure Chinese silk, your suit keeps you comfortable all day

Made Just For You

Your suit is made 100% to your exact size and shape and truly fits like no other can.

Unique Design

With custom touches, colourful linings and a huge choice of cloths, it perfectly fits your personality.

Fantastic Value

Tailor-made suits, simply put, cost less per-wear than mass-produced suits – THEY COST LESS

Imagine A Future…

  • Where you start each day looking and feeling your absolute best.
  • Feeling great gives you renewed confidence and self-belief.
  • People see this and treat you differently – more attention, more respect.
  • Imagine simply being the very best version of yourself, always.
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The Perfect Plan

  1. Come in for a free measuring and design consultation
  2. Order your Perfect Suit – Handmade to your exact requirements
  3. Your first fitting in four weeks
  4. Collect your finished suit in 8 weeks
  5. Free alterations for the first month for any fine-tuning.
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Now, Just Imagine…

…that the best suit you have ever had is also the cheapest! With the quality and natural resillience of the materials used, your suit will look it’s best for many years. Its classic cut and timeless style will not be subject to the fickle nature of fashion.

If you consider that you will have your suit possibly two or three times as long as a shop-bought suit, when it comes to cost per wear, your hand-made Italian wool suit is actually cheaper than a mass-produced, off-the-peg equivalent.

Your suit is an investment, and quite possibly the best one you will ever make. Not only will it make you look and feel far better than any other suit you have owned, it will give you credibility and self-belief that will see you doing things, meeting people and making deals that you never thought possible. The clothes really do make the man.

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What is the difference between bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear?

A Bespoke Suit is made completely from scratch and 100% to your requirements. Anybody can have a bespoke suit but not every man needs to go bespoke. You need to go bespoke if you have a non-standard body shape. That tends to refer to body symmetry. If you have a shape or a posture that favours one side over the other, a dropped shoulder, curvature of the spine, a stoop etc, we can create a pattern that will even out the asymmetry and give a more flattering silhouette.

A Ready-To-Wear Suit is the exact opposite. A small proportion of men (roughly 25% of the population) has what the industry see as the ‘average’ shape. You will know if this is you because you will be able to walk into a clothes shop, choose a suit from the rail and it fits perfectly. So, if this is you, why would you go to a tailor? Firstly, the quality of your suit will be exquisite. The cloths, linings and padding will be the same as those in a bespoke suit. It will be hand-made by a time-served master tailor and will have the same features that you would expect of a hand-made suit – the soft lapel roll, hand-stitched buttonholes and matched cloth patterns. However, as it is made to an established pattern it takes less than half the time to make your ready-to-wear suit. As a result, you will typically pay less than half the price of a bespoke equivalent.

A Made-To-Measure Suit uses the best of the other two suits to create your perfect suit. If you have a largely standard shape – a symmetrical frame, normal posture, arms of equal length etc, but standard size suits don’t fit then you need to go made-to-measure. This type of suit starts with a standard template but with adjustments made to suit your exact shape.  We start by getting a jacket to fit in the shoulders. The rest of the suit flows from there. Once the shoulders fit, we can adjust the sleeve length, chest, stomach, jacket length and button position to fit your exact shape. Similarly, your trousers start from the waist. Getting a good fit in the waist we can then go on to adjust the seat, crotch, leg length, rise and fit to create your perfect trousers.

What is the difference between you and a Savile Row tailor?

The address and the price. Some men like the prestige of going to Savile Row to get their suits so they can tell their friends they get their suits from Savile Row. But in terms of the service, the attention to detail and the quality of the suit, what you get from The Perfect Suit Comany will be comparable to a Savile Row experience. However, where you will notice the difference is in the cost. Our suits, on average, cost 65% LESS than an equivalent on Savile Row.

How many measurements are needed for a bespoke suit?

We will take 29 individual body measurements in order to make your bespoke suit as well as noting your body figurations. By this we mean your posture and your body symmetry which will be accommodated in the design of your suit. This is what sets a bespoke suit apart.

How long does a suit take to make?

A bespoke suit will take 55-60 hours to make. They take the longest because every panel is made to custom sizes. Made to measure suits are based on templates and adjusted to fit your size. These can take 40-45 hours to make. Ready to wear suits are made to standard patterns and as such are made in around 25 hours.

What is meant by a toile fitting?

A bespoke suit not only takes many hours to create, it can also be made from very expensive cloth. Before cutting into your expensive cloth we like to make sure the pattern is correct. To do this we make a draft version of your suit in a cheaper cloth, called a toile (pronounced ‘twall’) that can be drawn on and taken apart. It will be unlined and unfinished but the main features will be present, so you will be able to see the size and position of the lapels, the position of the pockets and we can check the overall fit, the height of the buttons, and the size and position of the shoulder pads. These features and the overall fit of the suit can be checked and alterations made very easily at this point.

Once you are happy with the design and fit we can proceed with the final cloth and cut your actual suit. The final suit will in all liklihood require final alterations but these will be finishing touches rather than major reworkings of the design.

Do we go through the same process every time?

No, your first suit is always the most involved. After that, most of the hard work has been done. Your measurements may change slightly but the main design features of future suits will be the same. This will make future suits quicker and easier to make.

Can I use my own cloth to make my suit?

Absolutely. Depending on your size and shape and the pattern on the cloth you will need roughly five yards of cloth to make a suit. We have over 600 house cloths that are immediately available but it you want something truly unique or a cloth with a personal significance you can go direct to a mill and they will design and weave a cloth for you.

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